MetAlerts - Meteorological alerts (new format that will be phased in)


Testproduction: Gives weather alerts in CAP format plus an RSS 2.0 feed of such



Unless the cap parameter is given, we return an RSS 2.0 feed of alerts


Retrieve CAP XML message with given guid (Note: From 1.0 this is the CAP identifier, not a date!)


Output language, currently "no" or "en" for Norwegian and English, respectively


Filter by CAP eventType (experimental)


Alerts to be listed, either "all" to include expired/updated alerts, or nothing to list only current

lat, lon

Coordinates for geographical search (returns all alerts covered by the search location)

Note: This feature is experimental, and may be changed without prior notice!

Example requests: (non-functional example - see available for working URLs)


To check if any files that should be available are missing, please use .

Change log


- Experimental support for search by coordinates

1.1, 2017-05-20

- New version of CAP format (1.0). MetAlerts 1.0 will expire 2017-12-01

1.0, 2016-09-01

- More search parameters, improved stability

0.2, 2016-04-20

- Format officially changed to RSS 2.0
- RSS now validates, using RFC-822 date format and no duplicate items

0.1, 2016-03-02

- Renamed to MetAlerts.
- Format claimed to be Atom, but is in fact RSS 2.0 (invalid)
- New product for testing

0.1, 2016-01-19

- New product for testing